California Blvd.

California Blvd. – Backyard Garden Revamp 

Clients Sandra and Stephen came to us at SALT, wanting to update their backyard space. The garden has an undercover area detached from the house. Wanting to keep the existing trees (local she-oak and tee tree species) upcycling of railway sleeper steppers, adding seating around a small fire pit. 

Locally indigenous plants and other natives, succulents, and echiums are featured in the current plantings. A large Grass Tree used as a focal element, beautiful hardwood timber screens to reduce wind impact, and rounded sandstone steppers 

Recycled Geelong red bricks used to make a garden seat with log storage and a raised garden bed behind. Lush green lawn and curved Corden steel were used to create an interesting component to the garden. 

We are delighted with our newly landscaped garden.  Rohan and Rachel designed and delivered an inviting and relaxing outdoor area that we will be able to enjoy all year long.  2020/2021 has been a period in which we appreciated the value of space at home. Our previous backyard had not really been touched in years.  Our lawn was simply work to mow but we didn’t really know what we wanted.  Our brief to Rachel was to add shape and interest with indigenous plants and a space for a firepit and some windbreakers.  She came back with a fabulous design.  Rohan and his crew managed everything after that from building our seating using our existing recycled timber sleepers to planting. We have a new and smaller lawn that feels like walking on soft cushions. The overall service was excellent, and we highly recommend Rolly and Rachel. – Sandra and Stephen